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  • The European Association for Studies of Australia, founded in 1989, seeks to promote the teaching of and research in Australian Studies at European tertiary institutions, as well as to increase an awareness of Australian culture throughout Europe. EASA promotes the study and discussion of a wide variety of aspects of Australian culture: Aboriginality, literature, film, the media, popular culture, history, political discourses, the arts. EASA's area of interest also includes New Zealand Studies.

    EASA13 (2015) Veszprem, Practical info & Pre-Program

    *see preliminary program in attachment*


    Dear Colleagues,


    In Memoriam Veronica Brady

    Dear EASA members and friends,


    I am very sorry to inform you that our dearest colleague and friend Veronica Brady passed away last August. She was, without doubt, a beacon for many of us, a presence, a role model, a free spirit whom we will never forget. If only there were more academics like her!


    The following vale for Veronica was written by Dennis Haskell.


    Best wishes,
    Lola Herrero
    EASA Secretary


    JEASA 5.1 (2014) available!

    The latest issue of the Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia (JEASA), 5.1 (2014) has been uploaded and the articles are available for free (acknowledged) download at



    EASA13 (2015) Conference, Veszprem, Hungary: CFP

    Attached is the CFP for our next EASA Conference, titled "Australia as Topos: The Transformation of Australian Studies", to be held in Veszprem (University of Pannonia), Hungary,
    between 30 September and 3 October 2015.

    Southerly is available online!

    The entire Southerly backlist, from the first
    issue in 1939, is available through the Informit Literature and Culture
    Collection. Informit is available through the National Library of Australia and
    many university library catalogues. You can download every piece ever published
    by Southerly through your library membership.
    For more information, or to subscribe, please go to www.southerlyjournal.com.au

    JEASA 4.1 current issue: Indigenous marriage, family and kinship in Australia

    The latest issue of the Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia has been put online.  Guest edited by Vicki Grieves and co-edited by Martina Horáková, it is themed around: "Indigenous marriage, family and kinship in Australia: the persistence of life and hope in colonial and neo-colonial contexts".

    The issue features academic articles, interviews, reviews, reminiscences and the original 1984 text of the play “We are Survivors” by Jim Everett.

    It can be freely viewed at

    InASA Agreement

    As part of a reciprocal agreement between EASA and InASA (International Australian Studies Association), it has been decided that a panel would be opened at the associations' respective conferences for members of the partner association and that registration fees would be waivered for that panel.


    EASA13 (2015) Conference, Veszprem, Hungary

    30/09/2015 - 21:51
    03/10/2015 - 21:51

    The European Association for Studies of Australia will hold its 13th biennial conference, "Australia as Topos: The Transformation of Australian Studies" at the University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary.

    Attached is the Call for Papers (1st circular).

    Deadline for submitting 300-wd abstracts and bio: 13 April 2015.

    EASA General Meeting Minutes, Bordeaux 2013

    EASA members, please find the Minutes of EASA's General Meeting (Bordeaux, 5 Sept. 2013) and the Treasurer's report attached.

    InASA (International Australian Studies Association)



    The International Australian Studies Association (InASA) was formed in 1995,

    in recognition that Australian studies is an international enterprise with Australian studies centres
    and professional associations throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

    InASA’s aim is to promote links between the Australian and international Australian studies communities,
    and to lobby Federal and State governments to support the development of Australian studies internationally.