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  • JEASA (2013- ) Vol. 4, no.1-2 (2013)

    JEASA (2013- )

    Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia. ISSN 2013-6897.


    Victoria Grieves
    Introduction. We are survivors: the persistence of life and hope in Aboriginal marriage, family and kinship practices
    Victoria Grieves
    “We are survivors”: a play by Puralia Jim Everett
    Jim Everett
    We Are Survivors
    Kathleen Butler
    Into the Photo Box: An alternative way of approaching the Aboriginal family
    John Boulton
    Reading Coolibah’s Story: As told by Coolibah to John Boulton
    Jeanie Bell
    The persistence of Aboriginal kinship and marriage rules in Australia: Adapting traditional ways into modern practices
    Karen Hughes
    Becoming Rosalind’s daughter: Reflections on intercultural kinship and embodied histories
    Kim Burke and Victoria Grieves
    My grandfather’s family secrets: unravelling layers of race and belonging in an Australian mixed-race family
    Pauline Marsh
    Family tremors: Margot Nash’s Call Me Mum
    Victoria Grieves and Paulette Whitton
    "All my relos": Aunty June Barker speaks of her family history
    Martina Horáková
    Tracking precarious lives in Stephen Kinnane’s Shadow Lines
    Clare Britton
    Posts in a Paddock: revisiting the Jimmy Governor tragedy, approaching reconciliation and connecting families through the medium of theatre
    Estelle Castro
    ‘Behind every suffering, there is a human life worth loving’: uniqueness, universality and hope in Samson and Delilah
    Marcus Waters
    Getting it right: protecting family, kinship and traditional practices in Kamilaroi Aboriginal First Nation knowledge
    Iva Polak
    Margie West, ed., Yulyurlu: Lorna Fencer Napurrurla (2011)
    Victoria Grieves
    Nancy de Vries, Gaynor Macdonald, Jane Mears and Anna Nettheim, One Life, Two Stories: Nancy de Vries' journey home (2012)
    Matt Poll
    Patti Miller, The Mind of a Thief (2012)