Wednesday 26th

9.15-9.30 Welcome

9.30-10.45 Keynote Adress Prof. Helen Gilbert “Secondhand Stories: Asylum, Performance and Evocations of
a Decent Society”

10.45-11.00 Coffee break

Panel I
Tim Winton panel:
Sara Saad, “Winton’s Narrative of Belonging”
Sunil Govinnage, “Black and White History in Winton’s Work”
Dominique Seve, “Winton’s The Riders: an impossible translation”

Politics of reconciliation and the challenge of cultural translation:
Isabelle Auguste, “What’s left of Reconciliation in Australia today?”
Helene Pristed Nielsen, “Who Supports Indigenous Australians’ Self-determination”
Luisa Percopo, Heterogeneity, politics and ‘in-betweenness’ in Australian cross-cultural life-writing”
Poetic/literary translations of landscape:
Glen Phillips/Liu Pingping, “Radical Pastoralism: John Kinsella’s Great Pastoral Trilogy…”
Andrew Taylor, “Translating Pastoral: The Purposes of Landscape”
Piia Posti, Before Translation: Gerlad Murnane and the Australian Landscape”
Cultural Translation/intermedia transformation:
Jaroslav Kusnir, “Translating Cultures in Brian Castro’s The Shanghai Dancing
Francis Maravillas, “A Cosmopolitan Art History? Asian Art in Australia”
Uta Daur, ”Unfamiliar Homes: Strategies of the Uncanny in Contemporary Photography”
12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.45 Australian-Danish seminar on Refugees/migration issues* Wenche Ommundsen, Cultural Negotiation in Australian Refugee Writing Sissy Helff ”Children in Detention” Peta Stephenson, ”Reaffirming Aboriginality through Allah: Indigenous Muslims in Australia”
15.00-16.15 Australian-Danish seminar on Refugees/migration issues – part II* Kirsten Hvenegaard-Lassen, “What to Wear in the Danish Parliament: Gendered Integration Discourses” Sanne Kok, “Meeqqerivitsialak – A Greenlandic Pedagogy and Its Importance in the Process of Decolonization” Lars Jensen,
”The Myths of the Postcolonial Commonwealth in a comparative perspective”
16.30-17.15 Vanessa Smith “Translating Friendship: the Politics of Taio in early Tahitian Encounters”

17.15-? Opening reception

Thursday 27th

Copenhagen Day Transportation from Roskilde to Copenhagen will be arranged Keynote addresses:
Brian Castro, Fiona Foley
Mark McKenna,
Germaine Greer
Phillip Bell
Evening EASA Old Board Meeting

Friday 28th

Dieter Riemenschneider
Manawhenua and Landscape Iconography: Conceptualising New Zealand Cultural Studies

10.45-11.00 Coffee break

Panel II
Interpreting indigeneity and the postcolonial framework
Gabriella Espak, “Fallacies of Interpretation: Teaching Benang”
Stefan Sippell, “Lost in translation?
Struggling for identity: Jesuits and Aborigines at the Daly River, NT, 1886-1899
Bill Ashcroft, “Is Australian Literature Post-Colonial”
Different languages:
Katherine Russo, “Interlanguages: Power, Language and Intersubjective Positionings…”
Eva Forintos, “Hungarian Language in an Australian Minority Context”
Fiona Richards, “The Impact of Lutheran Migration on Music in Australia”
Gwen Tavan, ”Politics or Pragmatism?: Assessing The Howard Government’s New Citizenship Regime”
Lyn McCredden, ”Henry Lawson and Australian Citizenship”
Cultural belonging(s), cultural returns
Dolores Herrero, “Chandani Lokuge’s If the Moon Smiled: Female subjectivity…”
Bronwen Levy, ”Reading for Translation: Michelle de Kretser’s The Hamilton Case
Elena Ungari, ”’Multi-gendered’ Identities as a Metaphor of Multicultual Australia…”

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Panel III
Digging Deep across the Ditch: Maurice Gee and Sonya Harnett’s  Children’s Fiction:
Kathryn Walls, “Translating from Memory: Maurice Gee’s O Trilogy”
Vivien Van Rij, “Other Worlds in Small Town New Zealand: Maurice Gee’s Fiction for Children”
Ulla Rahbek, “Trenches,Tunnels and the Illusion of Safety: A Reading of Sunya Hartnett’s Thursday’s Child
Elizabeth Hale, “Representation and Responsibility in Under the Mountain

Writers and heterogeneous multiculturalism:
Caty Ribas Segura, “A Life Translating Cultures: Aristides George Paradissis…”
Marie Herbillon, “Translating Fairy Tales: Textual intersections and cross-culturalism in Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus
Andrew Game, “Crossing Intercultural Boundaries: A French Pen in Australia”
Natasa Karanfilovic, ”An Image of Australia in Serbian Translation…”

Literature in translation:
Susan Ballyn, “Nowhere can be forever foreign. Alf Taylor and Adelaide de la Thoreza…”
Susan Barrett, “Translating and Marketing Australian Literature in France”
Beate Josephi
/Christine Müller, ”Translating Cultures: Anna Funder’s Stasiland
Australian Studies and Its European Connections:
Richard Nile, “What is Left of Australian Studies”

Katarina Saltzman, “Do Cows Belong in Nature? Translations of Farming in Swedish and Australian Landscapes

Marc Delrez, “Intertextual Translation in the Work of Janet Frame”

Christopher Hilliard, “Australian and the Literary Underground of 1920s London”
15.30-16.00 Coffee break

16.00-17.30 Australia: What’s Left panel Brian Castro, Phillip Bell, Mark McKenna, Fiona Foley Convenor:
Richard Nile

Saturday 29th

9.30-10.45 Keynote address Jacqueline Lo, Diasporic Homesongs: Affect, Ethnicity and Performance

10.45-11.00 Coffee break

Panel IV
Literary reconciliation:
Aurora García Fernández, “Translating Reconciliation Postcards into Post-Mabo Historical Fiction…”
Julie Mullaney, “’I wasn’t coming back on my own neither’: Translating indigeneity in Alex Miller’s…”
Frances Devlin-Glass, The Myth of Settlement: Grey nomads, Uncertainty…
Public Images of Oz:
Andrew Hassam, “Bollywood in Australia, and Transnational Creative Dialogue”
Barbara Alysen and Asha Chand, “The Changing Culture of Australian Journalism…
Glen R.E. Phillips, ”Feeling in the Dark”

North American literary affiliations:
Michael Ackland, “From Watsons Bay to the Maryland of the New Deal…”
Michaela Mudure, ”Katherine Mansfield: The Canadian Connection…”

Ditching the Nation?: Australia, NZ and the problems of the national self

Stuart Ward, “’Pets and Patriotism’: The Problem of Postcolonial Nationalism on the Australian and New Zealand ‘National Days’

James Jupp, “Terror and Hysteria in Multicultural Australia”

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Panel V
Asian-Pacific Images
Asha Chand, “Media and Migration: The Fijian Indian Story”
Mads Clausen, “China’s Quarry and Japan’s Beach: Translating Australia in a Pacific Century”

Indigenous self-narratives and determination
Martina Horakova, “Translating Cultures through a Double Voice”
Johanna Perheentupa, ”Murawina: For the Unity of Aboriginal Women”
Cultural histories of migration to Australia/NZ
Anne Holden Rønning, ”Scandinavian Culture in New Zealand Fiction”
Ildikó Dömötör, ”Translating Cultures – The changing Concept of female British settlers…”

Migration histories
Sandra Eubel, ”Blackforest Cake for Tea”
Cecilia Gall, ”Translating Cultures: Images of Hungary in Australian and NZ Literature”

14.30-15.00 Coffee

Panel VI
Dramatic representations:
Paloma Fresno-Calleja, “Alone on Stage: Performing Multiculturalism…”
Catriona Elder, “Making Australia Home: Historical Television Mini-series and (non-Indigenous) Belonging”
Liz Schafer, “Speaking in whose tongue?  Dramaturgy in the work of Andrew Bovell and Baz Luhrmann”
Land and space:
Britta Kuhlenbeck, “Translating Space – the Pilbara”
Sunil Govinnage, “Moving with Development or Preserving a Vanishing Culture”
David Fonteyn, “Tourmaline: A Meditation on Thanatos, Eros and Fertility”
Indigenous literature and the translation of space:
Iva Polak, ”Bitin’ Back or the Importance of Being Ernest in Australia”
Katrin Althans, ”Translating Transgression: How Black Australian Artists Translate the Gothic”
Jennifer Rutherford, “The Australian Crypt; melancholy as failed translation”

EASA General Meeting

Conference dinner Readings**

Sunday 30th

9.30-11.00 New board meeting

Afternoon + Monday: Postgrad seminar