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Lars Jensen
Cultural Encounters
Roskilde University

Sissy Helff
Institut für England- und Amerikastudien
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
helff@ nelk.uni-frankfurt.de

Marc Delrez
English Department
University of Liège
Place Cockerill 3 (Bât. A2)
B-4000 LIÈGE

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Second Circular

9th Biennial EASA Conference

26-30 September 2007

University of Roskilde and University of Copenhagen


Translating Cultures: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

The 2007 EASA conference represents a new point of departure in the sense that it calls for submissions that consider New Zealand and Pacific as well as Australian topics. The conference theme echoes the ‘translation turn’ in cultural studies. To translate is usually understood as the linguistic activity of ‘turning from one language to another’, but it also conveys the more deep-rooted etymological sense of ‘to take over’, or ‘conquer’. Translation is never simple or straightforward but raises complex questions about the nature of culture, knowledge and meaning. It also involves processes which have been instrumental in ‘forging’ the literary, historical, political and social discourses of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific across a broad spectrum. We particularly welcome submissions that are concerned with multiculturalism, migration, refugee issues, and indigenous studies. Equally, however, the theme can be brought to bear on disciplines as diverse as literature, theatre, the visual arts, history, the social sciences, language studies, law and media studies, and we therefore encourage a liberal and creative approach to ‘translating cultures’, ranging from the obvious to the surprising.

The primary venue for the Conference is the University Roskilde including panel sessions and key note addresses. On the third day, however, the Conference will relocate to the University of Copenhagen where we will be staging a series of papers and lectures on the theme: Australia: What’s Left? The purpose of this event is to offer a critical reflection on the shifting foundations of Australian political culture in the light of more than a decade of conservative Government. A number of prominent Australian intellectuals, artists and writers have been invited to consider ‘what’s left’ of Aboriginal reconciliation, ‘multiculturalism’, Asian engagement, Australian history and the Australian environment. It is not intended as an occasion for promoting a partisan cause, but rather an opportunity to come to grips with the very real political and social pressures that have transformed the temper of Australian life in recent years.

The conference has already attracted a healthy number of participants, and we warmly welcome additional paper proposals which are due by 15 April.

Accompanying event:

One day immediately after the conference will be devoted to the third EASA Postgraduate Seminar, where advanced students can discuss their work with experts in their field in a lecture cum workshop-format.


Mads Clausen, Centre for Australian Studies, Copenhagen University

Lars Jensen, Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University

Eva Rask Knudsen, Centre for Australian Studies, Dept. of English, Copenhagen University

Kirsten Holst Petersen, Depts. of Cultural Encounters and English, Roskilde University

Ulla Rahbek, Centre for Australian Studies, Copenhagen University

Stuart Ward, Centre for Australian Studies, Dept. of English, Copenhagen University


15 April, 2007 email your 200 word abstracts (in an attached file) with title to Mads Clausen (mclausen@hum.ku.dk)

15 April, 2007 expiry of early bird registration fee

1 August 2007 deadline for full registration

How to register:

If you have already submitted an abstract, Lars Jensen will email you a registration form by mid-March. Payment is via bank transfer, and the registration form will contain relevant information including Iban no. and Swift code. Early registration fee is 200 Euros which includes the obligatory membership fee of EASA.

If you wish to participate in the conference but not give a paper, you can send an email to Lars Jensen hopeless@ruc.dk, and he will send you the registration form.