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Contact details:

Lars Jensen
Cultural Encounters
Roskilde University

Sissy Helff
Institut für England- und Amerikastudien
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
helff@ nelk.uni-frankfurt.de

Marc Delrez
English Department
University of Liège
Place Cockerill 3 (Bât. A2)
B-4000 LIÈGE

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Accommodation choices in Roskilde/Copenhagen and transport deliberations:

First a couple of preliminary points. The main part (4 out of 5 days) will take place at Roskilde University, which is 4 km from Roskilde city centre. It is possible to attend the conference staying either in Copenhagen or in Roskilde. Roskilde University is 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen, and 4 minutes by train from Roskilde (or you can take a bus 604 to Trekroner Station that stops closer to the university (around 12 minutes from Roskilde Station). There is also a bus 223E that leaves Roskilde at the opposite side of the railway tracks from the train station. That bus actually stops at the university campus. The university has its own train stop: Trekroner Station. From the station the university is immediately to your north, and it is a good ten minute walk to the conference venue, which is on campus. The railway station in Roskilde stocks the local bus time table, and since they are inundated with complaints about the delays of Danish trains (I recently discovered regional trains in Italy cover miles faster than Danish socalled bullet trains) they will probably be pleased to be for once able to actually help somebody.

Getting from Copenhagen airport to…

Roskilde University. Take any train from the airport heading to Copenhagen. There are only two platforms, however, trains going in the opposite direction will take you to Sweden. At Copenhagen Central [Kobenhavns Hovedbanegard], you change to a regional train. Not all trains that head to Roskilde stop at TREKRONER STATION. But the screens at the platform lists the stops on the way. Try platform 8 or 7. End destination of train can be Holbćk or Kalundborg, or Roskilde. You will need 7 zones (which happens to be all zones) to go to Trekroner or Roskilde for that matter. If you are staying in Copenhagen for the whole conference it is worth your while to purchase the grey card (10 trips). If you are staying in Roskilde, you are better off getting a blue card and punching that four times – I know it makes 8 zones, but trust me, it is easier.

Cost saving devices and the Foucauldian regime of Danish public transport

As far as costs are concerned the following applies. From Copenhagen to reach Trekroner you need a train ticket that covers all zones in Metropolitan Copenhagen. This by most standards (including the Danish) is an expensive ticket. If you are staying all five days in Copenhagen, you can make use of a 10 trip card for all zones (a grey card) – this will cost you (around Kr. 360) (about 55 Euros). If you are staying in Roskilde, you only need a two zone card (blue) for each trip – a blue ten-trip card is Kr. 120 kr. (16 Euros). Chances are that we can cover the transportation costs to get you from Roskilde to Copenhagen and back on the Copenhagen day through the conference fee.

In other words Roskilde is substantially closer than Copenhagen. Hotels are more expensive in Copenhagen. But there is more choice. By the time you get to Copenhagen it will be too late, and you will be too tired to do anything. However, the choice obviously is yours.

Accommodation in Roskilde:

The conference hotel in Roskilde is Hotel Prindsen. (Tel +45 46309100, www.hotelprindsen.dk, info@prindsen.dk). It is smack in the centre of a nice provincial town with the Cathedral, where all Danish royalty is put to rest. And the Viking Ship Museum. A single room at the conference reduced price is Kr. 915 (ca. 125 Euros) per night. This does include breakfast. A double room is Kr. 1015 (ca. 140 Euros) per night – still including breakfast. If you book at Prindsen you need to quote the reference number to get the conference discounted price. Reference no. is 30709.

Also in Roskilde a cheaper alternative is the Youth Hostel, where anything from dormitory to having your own room is possible. As you will see from the map, also the Youth Hostel is centrally located, so you can get to Roskilde University quite easy. You can access their homepage with all the relevant price information etc. in English, at: www.danhostel.dk

Yet another alternative in Roskilde exists. These are beds without breakfast, and you are staying in peoples private homes, but more than likely in your own part of the house. Personally I like this idea, because it is a good way to meet the locals, but then people are different – even locals are different. I have located two private homes that rent out rooms. Hosts at both places claim to speak English, both are centrally located in Roskilde, and what they have for rent is the following:

4002 (this is a reference no. which you quote when writing to the Tourist information centre in Roskilde): visit@roskilde.dk . 1 double room with access to communal bathroom. 1 flat for 3 people with own kitchen and balcony. Rooms are on the first floor. Double room per night: Kr. 450 (62 Euros). Flat: Kr. 675 (92 Euros) (for three people, it says, which means fewer than three probably price is negotiable)

4010. 3 double rooms on the first floor with access to communal bathroom and kitchenette. It is possible to squeeze in an extra person apparently. Price: Kr. 450 (62 Euros).

If you are still keen on Copenhagen after all this: visitcopenhagen.dk. Other information on Roskilde: visitroskilde.com

I hope some of this information is useful to your planning. I look forward to welcoming you all to the conference in September.